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Updated: Jan 26

Over the past few months, several people have inquired whether there is a specific time of year that offers the greatest value for their money when purchasing a home. Like with most things in real estate, it depends. However, there are several compelling arguments to suggest that the present time could be considered the most advantageous period to search for a new home.

The nature of the real estate market is inherently cyclical, with certain periods offering more favourable conditions for purchasing property. As we transition into the winter season, a unique opportunity arises for potential homeowners. We typically see a decrease in buyer activity which results in less competition and potentially greater value for those looking to secure a property.

The phrase, “Date the rate, marry the house” holds significant relevance in today’s real estate market. This term emphasizes the importance of prioritizing the selection of your dream home over the prevailing interest rates. The idea is that when you find the house you love, you buy it, with the anticipation that you will be able to refinance later when rates drop.

Timing is everything. If you are contemplating a home purchase within the next 12 months, it is highly advisable to secure a contract before March 2024 to optimize your buying power. Come springtime, as the blossoms emerge in Vancouver, so does the influx of potential buyers. This surge typically exerts an upward thrust on prices and provides sellers with a broader range of options.

Continue reading for additional insights on why the present moment is the most opportune time to explore the real estate market.

1. Less Competition

During the slow season, there are fewer buyers in the market, which means less competition for properties and more opportunity to secure a good deal. With fewer buyers vying for the same properties, buyers have more leverage to negotiate better prices and terms.

2. More Time to Shop

With less competition, buyers also have more time to explore and find the right property without feeling rushed or pressured.

3. Motivated Sellers

Sellers who list their properties during the slow season are often more motivated to sell. They may have had their property on the market for a while which can be an advantage for buyers who are looking for good value.

4. Higher Prices During Peak Season

During peak season, prices tend to be higher and some buyers may end up paying more for properties that were previously listed at a lower price over the winter.

5. Interest Rates Can Be Offset by Lower Prices

Even if interest rates are on the high side, lower prices can offset the cost of borrowing. For example, if you purchase a property for $300,000 with a 5% interest rate, your monthly payment would be $1,610. If you purchase the same property for $250,000 with a 6% interest rate, your monthly payment would be $1,499.

The real estate market is characterized by seasonal variations, with the spring period typically witnessing the highest levels of activity in terms of property transactions. There is a window of opportunity over the next few months to capitalize on your bargaining power, as sellers may be more willing to accept lower offers.

If you do anticipate a purchase, I would advise you to explore various home buying options over the next few months and try to secure a deal before the spring, when sellers will have a wider range of alternatives at their disposal. I am here to effectively guide you through the process. Leverage my network of lenders and my professional negotiation skills to maximize your purchasing power.

I invite you to reach out when you are ready to begin the search for your new home.

Wendy De Haas

Real Estate Professional, PREN


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