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Navigating 2024: Insights on Interest Rates and Real Estate Trends

The major headline this month was the Bank of Canada's decision to cut the overnight interest rate. But what lies ahead for the rest of the year?

The current market scenario resembles a poolside scene where everyone is waiting for the first few brave souls to take the plunge. Home buyers are eager but cautious, holding out for a couple more rate cuts and observing how the market responds before committing themselves. And indeed, those rate cuts are anticipated: market projections indicate two more cuts in 2024 (expected in September and December), with an additional four cuts slated for 2025, potentially bringing the overnight rate down to 3.25%. However, considering these dynamics, this projection may prove conservative.

Beyond market pricing, several experts, including RBC, CIBC, and Capital Economics, forecast even more aggressive cuts by the end of 2024, with continued reductions expected into 2025. These cuts are poised to bolster market confidence, enhance affordability, and stimulate demand. While a return to 2021 rates seems unlikely, the current economic landscape in Canada suggests that relief may be necessary sooner rather than later. For prospective buyers, this indicates a narrowing window of opportunity.

As the market evolves, preparation becomes crucial. Now more than ever, connecting with a trusted mortgage advisor to tailor a strategy that meets specific borrowing needs will be essential. Feel free to reach out if you'd like me to connect you with a professional from my network.

Wendy de Haas

Real Estate Advisor

Professional Real Estate Negotiator (PREN)


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